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Sea Saver Marine is recognized for our professionalism and excellence in the maintenance of liferafts, inflatable boats and military RHIBs. Supported by leading industry brands, such as Zodiac Milpro International, AVON, and Shanghai You Long, we strive to deliver the highest service standards 


Our Approvals

Class approvals
  • ABS 
  • NK 
  • DNV-GL
Manufacturer approvals
  • Zodiac Milpro Gold Standard Service Station
  • Avon Service Station
  • Shanghai You Long
  • Shanghai Cunhong 
  • Tokugawa  
  • Jiangsu Hwayan 
  • Mazu Marine
  • Ningbo Asian
  • VSG
Other approvals
  • ISO 9001:2015 
  • Bizsafe Level 4


Our Clients Who Trust Us

Liferaft Service Station

The Authorized Zodiac Milpro Service Station In Singapore

We are Singapore’s inflatable boats specialist, with easily 40 years of experience in the field.
Our inflatable boat repair service includes an initial boat evaluation and complete with a no obligation servicing quotation report. Repairs such as tear or puncture repairs, tube replacements, modifications are carried out thereafter, followed by a final air pressure testing. We also provide repair services to other makes and models of inflatable boat repairs.

As a small homegrown Singapore SME, we are immensely proud to serve our nation through our day-to-day efforts. We take great pride in the work of our hands, and find out work deeply meaningful as a service to our nation. 

We currently stock the Zodiac Milpro SOLAS approved RIBA 400.

Inflatable Boat Station

Liferaft Service Station

We provide servicing and re-certification for inflatable liferafts, rescue boats and lifesaving appliances.

Accredited with ISO 9001:2015, MPA Singapore and class approvals, we do a thorough inspection, servicing, and re-certification according to IMO guidelines.

Services Include:
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The Authorized Zodiac Milpro Service Station In Singapore

Immersion suit

Our service station is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and calibrated tools to carry out service maintenance of liferafts and lifesaving appliances like immersion suits. Our young, motivated team comprises of technicians from all walks of life, working hard round the clock to support the dynamic marine industry.


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