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Hammar H20E McMurdo Alternative HRU

Hammar H20E McMurdo Alternative HRU


The McMurdo HRU (Hydrostatic Release Unit) is the water pressure activated automatic release mechanism for the Smartfind Plus EPIRB Auto Housing (E5 / G5) and older McMurdo EPIRB models (E3 / G4, Rescue406 / Precision406). The HRU is designed to automatically release the Auto Housing cover and discharge the Smartfind Plus EPIRB at a depth of between 2 – 4 metres. This action is carried out by a small charge within the HRU forcing a blade to cut through a plastic retaining bolt, releasing both the Auto Housing cover and a spring that forces a lever arm to eject the Smartfind Plus EPIRB. Our McMurdo BreaktHRU EPIRB Hydrostatic Release Unit for: Kit for McMurdo EPIRBs 82-962-001A Kit for Kannad Marine EPIRBs K82-962-009A [replaced by 82-962-001A] Kit for Sailor EPIRBs 82-962-002A [replaced by 82-962-001A] Kit for SIMRAD EPIRBs 82-962-003A [replaced by 82-962-001A] Kit for Kelvin Hughes S-VDRs 82-962-007A [replaced by 82-962-001A] Kit for McMurdo C1 S-VDRs 82-962-008A [replaced by 82-962-001A]

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