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Hwayan SCBA with Digital Pressure Indicator and Warning Device

Hwayan SCBA with Digital Pressure Indicator and Warning Device


*NEW* Hwayan Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Set
  • Type : RHZK6/30-W , RHZK6.8/30-W
  • Material : Alloy Steel, Carbon Fibre Composite
  • Volume : 6ltr, 6.8ltr
  • Quantity Stored : 1800ltr, 2040ltr
  • Duration : 50-60min, 60-70min
  • Pressure : 300BAR
  • Weight : 16kg approx., 12kg approx
  • Tested according to EN 137 (2006) and EN 136 (1998) including AC (1999) and AC (2003), ISO 23269-2:2011
  • DNV MED approval
Product description
“HWAYAN/RHZK 6/30-W and HWAYAN/RHZK 6.8/30-W positive pressure fire-fighting air respirator with full face mask”
consisting of the following principle components:
a. Type HYM-I full face mask,
b. Air supply valve:
– Type RHZK6/30-8A,
– Type RHZK6/A-4 (acc. to test reports 2016158-1, 2017011, 2017013 and 2017188),
c. Pressure reducer,
d. Pressure indicator and warning devices as specified in IMO Res. MSC.339(91),
e. Compressed air cylinder:
– HWAYAN/RHZK6/30-W, steel (volume: 6 litres),
– HWAYAN/RHZK6.8/30-W, carbon fibre composite with aluminium liner (volume: 6.8 litres).
f. Compressed air cylinder valve,
g. Carrier and harness


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