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em-trak I100 SERIES Small Vessel Tracker

em-trak I100 SERIES Small Vessel Tracker


The Identifier I100-X is a ruggedized, fully self-contained AIS Class B vessel tracking transponder, ideal for small vessel tracking and monitoring. I100-X can power itself using its own internal rapid recharge battery (+120hrs continuous operation), or be connected directly to another onboard power source such as engine, battery or solar with the battery then acting as a backup. I100-X is fully water and weather proof (IPx8 certified) and ruggedized to operate reliably without maintenance in even the harshest of environments – extreme heat/cold, humidity, shock and vibration. Each I100-X is supplied as a complete kit which includes the I100-X transponder, mounting bracket and rapid charging dock. Accessories such as direct connect power cable and alert indicator box are also available.    

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