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MAF1425B X-band 10 kW Magnetron

MAF1425B X-band 10 kW Magnetron



Items Parameters
Frequency 9380 to 9440 MHz (Fixed)
Output power (Peak) 10.5 kW
Duty cycle / Pulse duration 0.001 / 1.25 μsec
Anode voltage (Peak) 5.6 kV
Anode current (Peak) 5 A
Heater voltage 6.3 V
Heater current 0.55 A
RF output interface Waveguide: WR90 RF flange: UG-135/U Equivalent
Power supply interface Lead wire
Cooling Air / Forced air
Weight 0.4 kg
  • RoHS Compliant
  • ESAC: Extended Surface Area Cathode
  • Electrical specifications of MSF types are as same as one of identical number of MAF types. MAF type magnetrons will be recommended for new radar design.


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