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Pflüger Safety Vitex Full Protection Suit

Pflüger Safety Vitex Full Protection Suit


This full protective suit is chemical resistant.

The applied sealing technique ensures absolute gas tightness, in all conditions – the seams are sealed inside and outside.

The combination is designed so that the respirator is worn under the suit and the boots and the Viton gloves are firmly connected to the arms and legs by means of coupling rings.

Flame retardant material, equalizing valves and a large visor complete the technical features of this full protection suit.

Texture of the suit:

– Liquid-tight and particle-tight chemical full protective suit – Material: Mega-Divetex® – Permanent antistatic EN 1149 + antibacterial by silver in the base fabric – Flame retardant coating EN 531 – Harness with control valve – 4 exhaust valves – 1 inlet valve – Gas- and liquid-tight front zip with visor – large polycarbonate lens – Knee and elbow reinforcement

Approvals: Suit: EN 943-2 (type 1a ET)

Boots: EN 15090 Gloves: EN374

Sizes: Standard size: XL Boots Size: 46 Glove Size: 11

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