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TZ5 Suez Canal Search Light

TZ5 Suez Canal Search Light


Fit for illuminations of ships pass through the suez canal and the narrow sea-route when night navigation, can search and illuminate the obstacle on the surface. Designed with two bulbs structure, has exchange switch inside, can change between the bulbs under the electricity. Two hemisphere reflector, can adjust the reflect effect between the ±5 degrees horizontally. Equipped safe vent-valve under the lamp canister, can ensure the air pressure balance in and out the lamp canister. The lamp can bend for ±30 degrees, adjust 350 degrees horizontally. Voltage : 200V/50Hz or 200V/60Hz Power : 2000W or 3000W Lamp Holder : Tungsten halogen light, GY16 Protection Class : IP56 IMPA Code : 370513

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