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Wolf Linkex™ Mobile Lighting Unit


Product Info
  • Models: WF-350
  • Gas Zone: 1 and 2
  • Dust Zone: 21 and 22
  • Power: Lead
  • Light: LED
Wolf’s LinkEx™ Mobile Lighting Unit is a manoeuvrable and flexible lighting solution for quick and easy positioning of four ultra bright LinkEx™ LED Floodlites to immediately deliver a total of 13,200 lumens of panoramic illumination to a task area within a potentially explosive hazardous zone. The LinkEx™ Mobile Lighting Unit accommodates four high performance, lightweight and portable LinkEx™ LED Floodlites which are ATEX and IECEx certified for safe use in Zone 1 potentially explosive gas, vapour, mist and dust atmospheres, where a T4 temperature class permits. Cable powered and running off voltages of 100 to 254V AC or 24V AC/DC, the unit can accommodate an ATEX Transformer or Splitter Box to manage the power distribution to the individual lights. Two LinkEx™ LED Floodlites are mounted on height adjustable telescopic poles with a maximum mid light height of 1.7m, and can be raised and lowered and pan a full 360°. Both are held in the desired position with collars and, for extra safety, fail safe locking pins. Two further Floodlites are sited on the upper trolley surface, with a mid light height of 1.1m, with securing pins to prevent any shifting when the trolley is moved. The flexibility of the unit allows these lights to be panned and tilted in situ, or, with their generous cable lengths, individually removed and located at ground level, remote from the trolley, to accommodate task requirements. The mobile unit, constructed of stainless steel with handles for ease of manoeuvrability, runs on anti-static non-marking lockable castors to fix the unit in position. The lower trolley surface is ideal for housing a transformer or splitter box and storing extra lighting, cabling and tools. Designed to be used on a solid level floor indoors or in an outdoor covered area, it is ideally suited for inspection, painting, maintenance and testing applications requiring high power task lighting which is not only flexible but can be easily moved and positioned.

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