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Zodiac Milpro FC 470 EVOL7

Zodiac Milpro FC 470 EVOL7


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Zodiac Milpro FC 470 EVOL7

Overall Length : 4,70 m – 15′ 42″ Overall Width :  1,9 m – 6′ 23″ Weigth empty : 148 kg – 327 lb Max pax (Cat.C – ISO 14945) : 10 Max payload (Cat.C – ISO 14945) : 1250 kg – 2756 lb Max power : 60 hp – 45 kW / 2 x 30 hp – 2 x 172 kW
Well known throughout the world as the definitive Special Forces boat, the FC range is used by more elite soldiers and sailors than any other craft worldwide. The FC range combines advanced design and technology with Zodiac Milpro’s famous know-how in inflatable boat manufacturing.

The hull shape is especially important as it can get a large load on the plane as well as give the pilot unsurpassed maneuverability in various complex and dangerous conditions. Continually being updated for its ever-changing roles, the FC range is Zodiac Milpro™ most recognizable military boat for Special Forces and Commandos

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